I have been playing with fabrics since I was 5 year old, allowed to use buttons and zippers from old clothes found up in the attic, collecting fabric-leftovers from my mom. I was learning by doing, and there was no limit to what I could make…then.. And now?

Most of the clothes I make are made of pure knitted Woolen fabrics in different thicknesses. The texture is like you see in the nature, on the stones, in the sand, in the wood of old houses, in the snow close by, in the sky and clouds..  It is flexible and so nice to play with. I get happy just to be in this environment, to “see” with the tip of my fingers; rough, soft, sharp or smooth sensations.

The nature in Norway is crisp and brittle and is a big inspiration when making clothes. So is the cultural tradition with diverse handcraft, both from textiles and wood. Take a closer look at the structure or texture in the old wood; it is breathtaking, hard, -and at the same time soft like velvet.

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