Have you ever been tempted to look with the tip of your fingers in front of an artwork? Tactility and the ability to touch is a sense that enhances the visual sense, but we are rarely allowed to…


In Silence I & II 2016-2017

Woven or painted image.
Weaving is a quiet and slowly work, the work grows in silence. The same with the cells and neurons in the brain, -for regeneration of cells in the brain; silence is essential. “Silence is really helping the new generated cells to differentiate into neurons, and integrate into the system. In this sense silence can quite literally grow your brain. “Ref. *
The brain is a web of neurons and connections that build our identity, such as the threads, yarns and colors make the woven image.

It takes time for an injury to heal. It takes time for a work to grow, changes and challenges.
The design and colors woven or painted is everything but silence; just as a head injury may be, -violent, a contrast to the silence needed during the healing process.


The End Of.. 2014 – 2015

Abrasion from hard work
Rain, wind, sun and snow remaking the surfaces
Colors change; textures change
Rust, moss and crumbling wood
How long?

1 the end 2 the end 3 the end 4 the end 6. the end 8 the end 9 the end 10 the end 12 the end 13 the end 14 the end


A Little Story 2014

Those shoes
Sad when not used
Too too eager early spring, some discipline is needed
Some are left behind
Some are not paying attention
…and  Love is in the air….unforgettable..

Disse skoa
Sturer ubrukt
Er aaalt for utålmodige, og lang lang rekke
Kjekt avgårde
Noen er holdt utenfor
Og så er det ikke så kjekt lenger

2 KLAAAR.. 3 ...FEERDIG 4 Lang lang rekke 5 Kjekt avgårde I 6 Kjekt avgårde II 7 Enn jeg da 9 SHIIII... 10 Hemmelig uforglemmelig


Shear 2014



Do you see what you see? 2013

The camera is with its small hole illuminating one reality. The other reality is in our minds. I am interested in the transitions of the real and not real, and how to use the camera to tell and show a bit from that reality. What I see, the camera cannot fully capture..
Here I have been making collages portraying colleagues by taking photos of their working desks a Saturday morning. Even empty desks tell their own stories, left alone, but still with the aura of the owner.



I want to Break Free, part II 2011-1013

We use clothes to dress, of practical reasons as protection, but also to show who we are. We claim to be independent, but easily forget that there are textile workers often in rash conditions making our clothes, -so we can dress up and show our individuality. What is our freedom may be another person’s ties, in either work or clothes to wear.

The black dress is made of a thin elastic woolen fabric; it is so flexible it cannot bear the weight of the black roses. The dress, if worn, is too long to be able to move normally in it, you would have to collect the long part down to the floor, and drag the heavy veil that is hanging from the jacket.
The green dress look light, but is surprisingly heavy. There are lots and lots of chiffon in the petticoat, and together with the blue ropes, it may look tempting and a bit sexy to wear.
What we think is protection, may sometimes be a burden, and we are seduced into using useless clothes. I am wondering how we can untie the ropes in our minds, how to free our minds. What is really binding us, but the mind itself?




I want to Break Free, part I 2012


Between 2011

When the black can be just black, and black roses can just be there with the rest of the black, then this work can just be there as it is, by itself.  Just be.

Between death and life, between an end and a beginning, between real and unreal, between an in breath and an out breath. Where are these transitions? Do we know when we are in between? Between what? Every moment of our lives is between, the moment that was, and the one to come, and the present is already gone…and again -it’s a new present..


Silenced 2011

Do you see them when crossing the street? Do they serve any purpose these black and white stripes, or are they just a glazing design on top of the asphalt? Zebra crossing are being removed in certain areas both in Norway, Sweden and other places due to the fact that they are too dangerous, too many pedestrians are being crashed down using them. I wanted to test how it worked to put the zebra crossings inside, made of textiles and foam, anything but stones and asphalt.
There was at least one occasion when someone did walk on it, the footprint on the white textile from a barefooted person. I was taken by surprise when someone lay down on the work on the opening day.

It was surprisingly horrifying ripping the fabric apart in the beginning for making the roses, that sound was like tearing my own body. The process making and sewing several thousand roses has been as demanding as sewing my life together.
Black roses is a symbol of death, or a warning, but can also mean a change, a new start…



Walls 2010

Is this just an imaginary wall since we can see though it, does it exist at all? How many imaginary walls do we have in our lives, and how many walls do we rely on that do not exist at all? We are pushing invisible walls in front of us, working with or towards something that might not exist. We are relying and leaning onto invisible and visible walls, mentally and physically.

This wall with hanging plexi glasses, we still have to go round it…-or do we? Is it possible to move the plexi-panels and go straight through the wall? Who dares to do so? Will anyone move the panels during the period of exposure?
Definitely. Every day the panels was hanging different. I do not know if anyone went through the work.



Hysssssshhhhhhh 2010

White snow on white snow, sand on sand and sound on sound….working with the monochrome, and constant movements here and there. The eye does not know where to rest, and a sound that becomes invading, it is more like noise than sound. I wanted to work with textures both visually and with sound. All this, just to be more aware of the silence..

Videos…where are they..?? to be continued


Silence 2009

I wanted to investigate time, or the time in-between. We experience a time of consuming, where everything is going to happen so fast. I wondered how many do or did have the patience to be standing long enough to be aware of the constant change. Can you trust what you see, or is it all in your mind?

Video… where??



Silk print 2009

Watch out! …-or I bite you….



Tensions 2009

This is an experiment on how to work with element methods and tensions. I wanted to make an installation using stress plots from analysis of steel structures and I wanted to paint. The challenge was how to work with acrylic paint on acrylic plates. The work itself is more the process making and painting backwards on plexi glass than the end result. At the end, the initial idea working with stress plots, had to be just that; an initial idea, and still the stresses are there in the work as stress itself during the process, and visually as color denominations.



Transition 2009

In this work I wanted to go back to the basis of the mechanics and the basic equation, Newton’s 2nd law: F=ma. From linearity to non-linearity, from static to the curl part of the wave equation,  ∇²φ ≠ 0, which means the curl is different from zero….
Broken glass was the preliminary inspiration visually. An initial force F=ma, is needed to smash hard glass. I wanted to examine how to explore crushed glass, from hard and static to dynamic. The paintings to show the transition from glass to water, and the process making the paintings itself was overlapping.



Bølge / Wave 2008

Do you know the story of “Bølge”? One day he is floating on the surface feeling alone, missing some friends to play with. Even before he manage to complete the thought he is overtaken by bigger waves from behind to fulfill his wish. Ohhh! He suddenly become huge! And on the top…., it’s a  crazy sensation. WOW, what’s happening now……? …..breaking, and it’s a total chaos everywhere. He disappear to be a separate identity and again becomes one with the ocean, as he already was when he was “Bølge”, a Wave…



Mellomrom/In-between 2008

Equations are part of thought processes, they float mentally in and out of the head, and sometimes the equations are very physical, sometimes quite abstract and unattainable. Bernoulli’s equations is the most central equation in fluid mechanics, and can be considered to be a statement of the conservation of energy principle appropriate for flowing fluids, it describes the relationship between pressure and velocity of a fluid flowing in a pipe, like in a vein. Usually Bernoulli’s equation is formulated as a law of conservation.



Dreams and Fairy-tales 2006

Nature in Norway is crisp and brittle and is a big inspiration when making clothes and prints. The same are all the Norwegian fairytales, the world of imagination. A dream world and at the same time this world. Where does the dream start, and where does it end? What is reality, and what is a dream? What is right and what is wrong? Demons and Trolls, Elves and Goddesses.

Close your eyes, -and then you are there….